6 Tips to Make Oral Health Fun!

In the mornings and at night, getting your kids to brush their teeth can be a daunting ordeal. Having been through the pain and heartache, we know what you’re going through- don’t give up or give in! Establishing proper oral health at a young age will set your child(ren) up for success for a lifetime. Brushing and flossing properly dramatically reduces complications and costs! With this is mind, we’ve created 6 tips to get your child into a regular brushing routine!

What’s most important is their involvement and making it fun.

1) Take them toothbrush shopping.

t may seem silly, but taking your kids to the store and letting them pick out their new brush will give them a sense of pride. The wide assortment of youth toothbrushes these days is overwhelming. Some are based off movie characters, some play songs, some even light up! Allowing your child to feel included in the decision only increases the chance they’ll be excited to participate in each day’s toothbrushing extravaganza.

2) Give them toothbrush variety.

In addition to taking them toothbrush shopping, allow them to have 2 or 3. You may be thinking, What a waste! Truth is, toothbrushes are affordable compared to a lifetime of dental care. And a little variety in life is good! Similar to the statement above, allowing your child to choose between Batman, Spongebob, or Frozen will keep them engaged and excited for next time.

3) Use a timer for fun.

2 minutes is the standard amount of time one should brush in the morning and at night. Timers get the job done but can be pretty dull, especially to a little kid. Find a song they love and play it for 2 minutes when they are brushing. Better yet, allow them to pick a fun, upbeat song and have a little dance party before they brush. This will help pass the time to reach that 2 minute goal!

4) Create an awesome toothbrush holder.

Time to customize their space. Figure out who their favorite character is and try to find an inexpensive plastic toy version of them. Let’s say they love dinosaurs. Find a plastic Stegosaurus at your local toy shop, drill holes the size of a toothbrush handle, and walla! Your child now has something to look forward to seeing besides just their toothbrush.

5) Experiment with toothpaste flavors.

Because come on, they have their whole life to use a mint flavor! Having a buffet of toothpaste flavors on hand ( 2 or 3) will mix things up and give them another choice. Flavors like fruit burst, bubblegum, and watermelon add another element of fun and continue to switch up that twice-a-day routine.

6) The brush chart.

Offering a reward for a completed tooth brushing session is an excellent way to maintain enthusiasm and motivate continued practice. We’re not saying bribe with second desserts or pillow fights. Allow them to choose the bedtime story or give them stickers. Better yet, print out the attached brushing chart so they can see their progress. They’ll be excited about a new sticker every morning and night and it’ll be an good way for you to keep track of their progress.

Looking for Some Help With Your Child’s Oral Health?

Establishing positive personal habits will do your child(ren) wonders throughout their life. From saving money to ensuring long-lasting oral health, don’t put off their health! To learn more on about your child’s smile or if you have a question, contact our office directly by either phone at (416) 224-2114 or by email at reception@sarinovackdentistry.com.