Meet Our Team

kind, friendly, and knowledgeable

At Sari Novack Dentistry we have a small and amazing team to serve the community of North York. Smiling faces and a warm atmosphere, call us at 416-224-2114.

  • Dr. Philip A. Novack
    Dr. Philip A. Novack Periodontist
  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Dental Hygienist
  • Kelly
    Kelly Dental Assistant

Our philosophy

In collaboration with our experienced certified dental team, we are devoted to maintaining the highest standards of safety and professional care. I view dental care as a partnership with each patient. Lasting oral health begins with education and requires prevention and maintenance to ensure patients look and feel their best.

What we are bloggin’ about…

Patient comfort and patient health is our number #1 priority. We offer a variety of service options and helpful articles to help guide you down a path of health. Read up on our posts or get ahold of us to schedule a consultation.

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