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What are Veneers?

What material are Veneers made from? Veneers are composed of multi-layered porcelains. Various varieties of porcelain are employed to create the desired strength, shade, depth of color, translucency and esthetics to enable you to experience a spectacular and yet entirely natural smile.

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Will my Veneers look natural? The dental literature and my clinical experience confirm veneers represent the most natural dental restorations. To achieve such life like results requires collaboration with an excellent team to first define your unique optimum smile design. Each layer of your veneer is contoured, shaded and glazed to exquisite tolerances. When all elements of your smile come together similar to a symphony orchestra, your veneers will be impossible to distinguish from natural teeth.

Do Veneers require maintenance? Since veneers resemble natural teeth, they require maintenance just like natural teeth. Ongoing professional examinations coupled with hygiene appointments are required. In addition, optimum personal oral hygiene (twice daily effective flossing and brushing) are crucial. As each case is unique, it is important to follow all professional recommendations. This may include wearing a Night Guard (myo-facial) appliance to protect your teeth. Similar to natural teeth, veneers can be damaged by constant nail biting, clenching or self inflicted (iatrogenic) habits (ie. chewing ice, biting on utensils, repetitive grinding (bruxism), etc.

Veneers- What Is Involved? Prior to performing any esthetic procedure, Dr. Novack will take photographs and impressions of your teeth and face to determine the optimum number, shape, shade and luminosity for your veneers. Her findings will be thoroughly reviewed in a collaborative manner to ensure a shared vision has been mutually agreed upon for your new smile prior to commencing treatment. As veneers are created to match the shading of your teeth, we often recommend teeth whitening prior to starting veneer treatment. Through whitening, years of built up stain vanish to return your teeth to the brightness of your youth.

Treatment involves a microscopic preparation (removal) of the outer tooth surface to establish the space necessary for the porcelain veneer to rest. Impressions are then taken of the prepared teeth and forwarded to the dental laboratory for veneer fabrication. You will be reassured to know that prototype veneers will be fabricated that mimic the shape of the final veneers prior to you leaving our office. Dr. Novack will collaborate fully with the dental laboratory technician to determine final shape, shading and natural translucency of your veneers. Within 2-3 weeks, your customized veneers will be ready for insertion.

Our service however does not end there. Once your case is completed Dr. Novack will review necessary daily personal oral hygiene with you. Our goal is for you to be entirely pleased with your new smile for years to come. The last step involves taking beauty shots before you debut your new smile to your family and friends.

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