Periodontal Care

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What is “Periodontal ‘Gum’ Disease”?

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that spreads from the gums to destroy the jaw bone supporting our teeth. Periodontal disease is a chronic infection with a multi-factorial etiology. Personal oral hygiene, genetics, systemic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and even pregnancy can all trigger periodontal disease progression. At its core however, periodontal disease is initiated by bacterial plaque. If this oral bacterial film is not removed daily through effective brushing and flossing, inflammation develops around the gums. In its early and reversible stage, periodontal disease is defined as gingivitis, inflammation of the gums often associated with bleeding, red and sore gums. Fortunately, through effective personal oral hygiene coupled with professional periodontal maintenance care, gingivitis is reversible.


Should inflammation however be permitted to persist, permanent destruction to the gum tissue that attaches the teeth to the surrounding bone occurs. If left undisturbed, bacteria invade beyond the gum line into the jaw bone. With time, as the infection worsens, gums recede and teeth loosen. The best approach remains prevention. At each visit, I will thoroughly evaluate your gum health by measuring jaw bone levels using x-rays and specialized instruments. Removal of tartar (calculus) above and below the gum line to supplement your twice daily brushing and flossing is essential.

Should gum disease become severe, referral to a specialist in periodontal disease (periodontist), is advised to best manage and treat the disease. Maintaining healthy gums is a critical component to your general-systemic health.

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