When it comes to contact sports, don’t expect shoulder pads or a helmet to protect you or your child’s teeth!

Once adult teeth erupt, a sports guard represents essential protection when participating in every contract sport. Fracture or the loss of teeth in such situations is entirely preventable with a professionally fitted sports guard. Unlike a store-bought boil-and-bite plastic guard, a professionally constructed made to measure sports guard adapts intimately around each of your teeth improving comfort while reducing the risk of dental injury.

6 Reasons to Wear a Sports Guard

  • Protection Against Tooth Fractures
  • Protection Against Tooth Displacement
  • Protection Against Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Possible Protection Against Concussions
  • Protection Against Jaw Fractures
  • Protection Against Knocking Out a Tooth

Are those reasons not incentive enough? If not, think about this… The cost of treating a fractured or lost tooth pales in comparison to the cost of a professional sports guard! Prevention is always the best treatment in any type of medical application, so do yourself or your kiddo a favor and get them the right protection.

 NEED A SPORT GUARD? get fitted.