I’m Dreaming of a White Smile…

Ok we’ll maybe your dreaming of a White Christmas, but no matter what you celebrate this time of year from Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule or Festivus, here are some holiday tips and tricks to help keep your teeth healthy and keep you smiling all holiday season long.

Stick to a routine

Show your teeth some love by simply maintaining good oral hygiene. Did you know your teeth are under attack for up to 2 hours after eating and drinking. Taking 2 minutes in the morning and before bed to brush and floss goes a long way to reduce the damaging effects of sticky foods and sugary drinks. You may even want to consider an electric toothbrush as a potential holiday gift. Either way, only allow the holiday love and joy to stick with you (and your teeth).

Rotate between Sweet & Savory

Holiday treats are a must, but try and choose healthy alternatives alongside sweet indulgences. Cheese for example is great for your teeth. Calcium in cheese helps strengthen teeth & bones. Cheese also neutralizes acids in the mouth to help reduce tooth decay. For those who have sweet tooth that cannot be tamed, go for chocolate instead of sticky treats. Chocolate at least melts and is easier to remove…and we all know the health benefits of dark chocolate!

Protect your teeth

This may be an obvious one, but with the hustle and bustle surrounding the holidays I am sure we can all confess to using our teeth as tools such as a bottle opener, scissor, dare I go on. Take that extra second and reach for the appropriate tool to avoid an unwanted trip to the dentist over the holidays. Another important tip is to wear a sportsguard while playing those holiday ice hockey games. When it comes to contact sports, don’t expect shoulder pads or a helmet to protect you or your child’s teeth! Once adult teeth erupt, a sports guard represents essential protection when participating in every contract sport. Unlike a store-bought boil-and-bite plastic guard, a professionally constructed made to measure sports guard adapts intimately around each of your teeth improving comfort while reducing the risk of dental injury. Prevention is always the best treatment in any type of medical application, so do yourself or your kiddo a favor and get them the right protection.

Drink Water & Green Tea

No one is suggesting forgoing that glass of mulled red wine or cup of Joe to keep you warm this December. Drinking water however during meals alongside your accoutrement of choice helps reduce stain accumulation. As well, the flouride in water helps remineralize your tooth’s enamel to boost its cavity defense. Green tea also has a number of health benefits that include reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, improved digestive health, reduced gum disease and enhanced immune response. Green tea also being a lighter colored beverage, can also help keep your smile bright. So start steeping!

Keep a Balance

Taking care of your oral health is an important step towards achieving overall good health. It has been said that our mouth and teeth are the window to our body, but the reverse is also true. A balanced lifestyle consisting of nutritious meal choices, regular physical fitness and smart daily life choices benefit your teeth, mental and physical wellbeing. So spend a moment this holiday season to take in some zen with yoga, enjoy a walk outdoors and indulge with moderation.

 By keeping these above points in mind you’ll be smiling all the way into the new year!

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